Custom Farming

Precision farming brings efficiency and accuracy to all farming operations on Hineman Farms. Newer model John Deere air seeder and central commodity system (CCS) planter are capable of applying variable rate nutrients along with the seed. Variable rate application of fertilizer should provide a yield increase while also reducing input cots by placing nutrients where the crop needs it.soilsample




Soil Sample and Fertility Prescription

Custom Harvesting

harvestcrew2012 Hineman Farms can effectively harvest over 30,000 bu per day with multiple John Deere combines, grain cart, semi trucks and all support equipment. Utilizing precision gps guidance and yield mapping software, Hineman Farms can give you an exact yield map of your field showing precise production on every acre.

Farm Rental and Land Stewardship:

Over half of the acres that Hineman Farms operates are under land rental agreements. Many land owners have opted to rent, either cash or crop-share, in these times of commodity price volatility. Hineman Farms is glad to operate under either agreement but favors a crop-share agreement as that limits the risk for tenants while also maximizing the potential return for land owners.
Hineman Farms typically prefers to operate under five year agreements in order to implement the best stewardship practices as prescribed by the USDA and FSA. Typically, every acre that Hineman Farms operates is enrolled in the NRCS Conservation Stewardship Program which encourages implementation of farming best practices like using low drift nozzles on spray applications and applying nutrients within 30 days of planting.